Principle Of Office Chair Lifting

- Jan 12, 2018-

The office chair is able to lift, because the lifting device of a pressure rod, a pressure rod to gas and liquid as the working medium, the elastic element can support, buffer, brake, adjust the height and angle adjusting function, its basic principle is filled with high pressure nitrogen, the through hole with both ends of the piston inside the piston, equal gas pressure, and the cross-sectional area of the piston on both sides of the different end is connected with the piston rod and the other end is not, in under the gas pressure to one side of small cross-sectional area of the pressure, the pressure rod stretch, people sit up to the lifting shaft pressure, the lifting shaft is gentle underground drop, uniform speed, can be reduced to the lowest point. Do not give the lifting shaft external force, the lifting shaft rises to the highest point. With the aid of the release device, the gas spring can stop at any position in the stroke, and after stopping, there is a great locking force (up to 10000N).