Massage Chair Each Sit For The Most Suitable Time?

- Jan 12, 2018-

The principle of the massage chair is to use the mechanical rolling force and mechanical force to massage. Artificial massage can dredge meridians, make blood circulation and maintain the balance of yin and Yang, so massage can feel muscle relaxation, flexible joints, make people feel refreshed, eliminate fatigue, and play an important role in ensuring physical health. For normal people, artificial massage can enhance the human body's natural resistance to disease and obtain health care results.

But the mechanical massage and artificial massage massage chair is different, it is a few contact, but can not choose acupuncture point, acupuncture and similar artificial massage action, just imitate people "massage" and "pinch" action.  Therefore, it can only eliminate fatigue, reduce discomfort, relax, do not have therapeutic effect, and its strength is not easy to control. It has little effect when it is in force, and when muscle is strong, it can make muscles ache.

In addition, some people are not suitable for the use of massage chairs: one is heart disease, high blood pressure and osteoporosis. Because massage can accelerate the blood circulation of the human body, and easily lead to the onset of heart disease and hypertension. However, osteoporosis causes bone fragility due to lack of calcium and other reasons, which is very easy to cause fractures. Two is local skin damage, ulcer, bleeding and tuberculosis, tumor patients. Three are people who have been hungry, overfed, drunk, or overtired.

Other precautions for using a massage chair:

One should relax in mind and body. In addition to the massage, the mind should be set up in China and foreign countries, especially the peace of mind, and the whole body should not be tense. Two, we should adjust the intensity of chair massage, because too little force can not cause the stimulation. It is easy to cause fatigue and injury to the skin. The strength and frequency of massage should be from less to more and lighter. Three to grasp the time of a good massage, each time to 20 minutes is appropriate, the best time in the morning and evening, such as morning after getting up and before going to bed.

In addition, the most important of the selection of massage chairs is to choose according to their own physique, the product features of the manufacturers, and different from people.