How To Choose A Comfortable Office Chair

- Jan 12, 2018-

1, cushion

The good seat cushion cost is high, the general office chair is the sponge cushion, so the business basically will do the article on the cushion. OK, the cushion is generally thicker, and has a concave curve to fit the curve of the bottom. It plays a good role in supporting and protecting the body, and at the same time, you have a comfortable sitting feeling. The current line - like seat on the market is a good choice, and the comfort of sitting is good for heat dissipation.

2. Back to the back

The backrest of office chairs should also be comfortable and safe. Some chairs are very loose and even slightly shaking, which can cause noise. Such chairs are not only easy to damage, but sometimes there are safety hazards.

3, lift steering rod

If you buy a chair, it must be on the spot on the chair do lifting movement of the test, in the process, feel the whole process is smooth, without loosing and sliding filament phenomenon. If the feeling of lifting is blocked, then you have to choose the office chair carefully.

4. Other details

In the other secluded parts of the office chair and small details can not be ignored, such as the discovery of rough parts, even rust spots, it must be inferior products.