Massage Table Wooden Foot Three-fold

It can be folded,comfortable,portable and endurable. Strong manufacturer ability. Well equipped facilities and excellence quality control through out. All stage of  production.

Product Details

Product Details:

Package: EPE wrap,Cardboard,PE Bag or Carton box

Business type: manufacturer 

Payment: T/T 30%+70% against document

Model Number:
Size: L186cm*W71cm
Adjustable height: from 58cm-81cm
Packing Size: 

95*19*75cm ( 37.4*7.5*29.5inch )

G.W./N.W.:  19/16kgs   ( 41.8/35.2lbs )


1. Q:.How can I get information of your products which I'm looking for, or who should I speak to directly?
A: Send message now, feedback will be got promptly or latest within 24 hours.

2.Q: Are there springs used in your sofas?

A: Yes, we use “no sag” sinuous springs in place of vertical coil springs. Also known as “S-Coils” for their shape, these springs are in the bottom of the frame and run from the front of the seat to the back. They are supported by additional wires that cross from side to side to provide additional stability and support to ensure a strong seat.

Our advantages:

• Strong manufacturer ability.

• Well equipped facilities and excellence quality control through out.

• All stage of  production.

Product Knowledge:

Massage table function

The effect principle that massages a chair is to pass method action at human body muscle surface, in order to adjust the physiology of human body, pathological condition, arrive thereby see a doctor and the action of health care.Its function principle is closely related to various methods, according to the meridian theory in Chinese medicine.Meridians run through the body inside and outside, up and down contact zang-fu organs, through the nine orifices, is the path of qi and blood movement, is also the body fluid transmission network.Obstructed channels and collaterals, body qi and blood not free, imbalance between Yin and Yang, will occur fatigue and lesions.According to the classical theory of Chinese traditional medicine, massage can mediate the balance of Yin and Yang, dredge qi and blood channels and collaterals, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, strengthen the body and bones, adjust the viscera and strengthen the body's ability to fight diseases.Through different massage methods, can reach the balance of Yin and Yang, dredging qi and blood, peace zang-fu, exuberant positive qi, make evil spirit must not invade.Reason for the normal development of children and youth healthy growth, the elderly to avoid premature aging with common effects, especially to work in the desk, business, advertising, trade and car ride (tired weakness caused by the lack of training for a long time, eating disorders and areas such as the neck, shoulder, back, waist ache) curative effect is distinct, and without any side effects;Modern western medicine thinks, massage not only can adjust endocrine, strengthen gastric bowel activity, move leave the effect such as arrangement adhesion, slow take reset, and have recuperate cerebral cortex, coriaceous function, make cerebrum nerve produces excitement, arrive then excited or restrain nerve action;According to Chinese traditional medicine, massage can balance Yin and Yang, harmonize the zang-fu organs, dredge the meridians and collaterals, strengthen the functions of nourishing qi and blood, and thus achieve the function of nourishing the healthy and dispelling evil.Many scientific research practice has proved that all kinds of massage method is by all sorts of action of force on the body caused by a series of reaction, the human body massage in the future, can make a full circulation dredging, rich blood flow, improve blood circulation, speed up the human body each organ of innovation, eliminate fatigue, relieve pain, have the effect of prolong life.

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