What kind of computer chair is suitable for office chairs?

- Jan 12, 2018-

The office chair is one of the necessary office supplies in the daily work of the office workers. Office chair, narrow definition refers to the person sitting in the desktop sitting under the chair, broadly defined as all for the office chair, including a chair, Zhongban chairs, reception chairs, staff chair, conference chair, chair, training chairs and other visitors. See if you are a little confused about the differences between these chairs, then follow up and look at it.

Executive Chair

The chair is a large office furniture series, fabric leather, artificial leather (PU leather), linen cloth or mesh fabric. Big class chair has strong air permeability, good resilience, tensile strength, not easy to change, not aging, according to the body sitting posture, in line with the advantages of ergonomics. And seat comfort, fashionable appearance, elegant design, is used for the District Office Manager, senior director, supervisor and administrative personnel, the best choice for office area, staff area and family needs more people.

Zhongban chairs

In fact, according to the chair chair is evolved, according to the level of the size of the head and back to distinguish the chair and small chair. Simple, Zhongban chairs is slightly more small class chair some of the main features of this class is the appearance of the more compact chair, the design is also more diversified. The main scope of application is staff. The price of the product is generally a little cheaper.

Chair / chair

As the name implies, the guest chair is a chair to meet the customers, and it belongs to a kind of furniture in the office industry. With the development of the office industry, the guest chair is divided into two kinds of wooden chair and hardware chair. The most representative of the hardware meeting chair is the bow frame chair, its features are: beautiful appearance structure, strong fashion and generous.

Staff chair

As the name suggests, the staff chair is only the chair for the office staff. With the rapid development of social economy and the life style of high rhythm, people's physical and mental exhaustion has been exhausted. In the process of work, the use of employee chairs plays a very important role in improving the comfort of the body. Now the staff chairs are fashionable, fashionable, scientific and comfortable.

Training chair

The general staff will be trained before they take office, and they will be able to get on post before they are qualified. In order to make employees better take notes, many companies use training chairs and boards. Such a chair is the training chair we see now.

Ergonomic chair

Ergonomics mainly uses netting cloth (ingredients: DuPont yarn + polyester fiber), environmental protection cloth, high quality memory cotton and other elastic environmental protection materials to make cushion and chair back, which is very suitable for the development of new furniture trend in the future. With good ventilation and heat dissipation characteristics, comfortable health care, can prevent the chair in the process of use of bacteria growth environment. And can reduce the back hip compression area, pressing force at the acupoint, promote blood circulation, prevent hip and back strain, neck and waist to keep you healthy.