What is a massage bed? What is the classification and function of the massage bed?

- Feb 10, 2019-

Introduction to the massage table

The massage bed is one of the common furniture in massage parlors, beauty salons, physiotherapy hospitals, health care clubs, spas, foot baths, baths, etc. Its unique structural design contributes to the various angles and orientation requirements of the body during the physical therapy process. It is convenient for the masseur to perform the corresponding operation.

Classification of massage beds

First, according to the material can be divided into: solid wood massage bed, iron frame massage bed, aluminum massage bed, stainless steel massage bed, acrylic massage bed and so on.

Second, according to the characteristics can be divided into: foldable massage bed and non-foldable massage bed.

Third, according to the use can be divided into: medical massage bed (Chinese massage massage bed), physical therapy massage bed (health massage bed), foot massage bed (foot massage bed), SPA massage bed (sauna massage bed), shampoo massage bed, Beauty body massage bed, etc.

Fourth, according to the style can be divided into: Chinese massage bed, Japanese massage bed, Thai massage bed and so on.

The role of the massage bed

Shiatsu massage: the body's own pressure to press the body meridians and stimulate a variety of receptors, can adjust the body's yin and yang balance, blood and blood, enhance the function of the organs. Acupressure medical science believes that disease is caused by the loss of energy and uneven energy. Shiatsu massage applies pressure to the body parts by palms, thumbs, finger joints, elbows, knees, and even feet. They glide through the acupoints and energy conduits to apply pressure to hundreds of acupoints and meridians. Acupressure is not only safe, but also simple and effective. It plays an important role in maintaining health, enhancing vitality and balancing blood.

Chiropractic: Through the spine, through the finger pressure, massage, traction and orderly remediation, and quickly convey the heat in the depths of the body, combined with light heat, photochemical and other effects, soften the tissue, traction to correct the spine. Western medicine believes that: in the long-term working life, human beings cause damage to the human spine due to poor living and working methods, causing the spine to be skewed and displaced, thus causing different degrees of compression on the spinal nerve tissue, destroying the normal working function of the nerve. It reduces the ability of nerve tissue to regulate the physiological functions of the internal organs of the human body, thereby causing the decline of human immunity and ultimately leading to various diseases of the body.