The selection of the functional sofa

- Jan 12, 2018-

1, appearance: not only to ensure smooth appearance lines, noble and elegant temperament, but also require a very design sense of the shape.

2, the sofa frame function: import function to sofa mechanisms in 245kg's experiment to reach 100 thousand times without loss of requirements. Compared to the domestic steel, even the special steel, in the 208kg weight of repeated sitting experiments, the general 3000-5000 steel will crack.  Therefore, when choosing the multifunctional sofa frame, we should pay special attention to the durability of the function frame.

3, sofa comfort degree: now people pay more and more attention to the comfort of the sofa, the sofa has more humanized requirements. The effect of automatic lying depends on the gravity of the human body to complete the adjustment of all angles. The waist and hands of a user can be laid back on the back with a little effort. The sofa's back extends smoothly with the two sides of the body forward. It allows users to enjoy the comfort and angle they want.  Therefore, the comfort degree becomes the necessary and sufficient condition for choosing the functional sofa.

4, skin material: natural cowhide surface to be rich luster, texture compact and uniform, strong air permeability, the skin of the skin is elastic, and good resilience. At present, functional sofa Market, in addition to the individual brands, filled with a lot of composite skin or two layer bag made by the contact surface, artificial leather is replaced by other parts, and the industry recognized the best leather sofa is the sofa for each position by Italy into oral layer of leather.

5, structure and filling: sofa base and back bottom are mostly made up of nylon belt and snake spring cross net. The packing density of sofa cushion is more than 30kg/cm3, and the density of backrest part is more than 25kg/cm3. It is a natural, non-toxic, harmless and environment-friendly material.

6, the stability of the sofa: functional sofa is generally more than 50% ordinary sofa, then the sofa frame structure functional sofa must support your feet gravity well, detection of the simplest method is to see this sofa has several supporting feet, the international standard is the supporting foot must have 5 the functional sofa market appears to have up to 8 points.

7, motor: functional sofa besides manual, there are electric sofa functional rack. Motor is one of the main indicators that determine the service life of functional sofa. As we all know, the German precision machinery products are the best producing area of the international motor products, and the cost of using the imported motor from Germany is several times that of the domestic motor.