The necessary conditions for a good office chair

- Jan 12, 2018-

1, office chair to help maintain the spine natural curve back

In order to avoid the unnatural deformation of the curve of the lumbar vertebra when sitting, the excessive pressure on the intervertebral disc can affect the health of the body, and the back of the chair must meet the ergonomic lumbar cushion.

2, in line with the body curve of the three-seat chair

Ergonomic curved seat can increase the contact area between the bottom of the leg and the buttocks and the seat, so as to disperse and reduce the pressure on these parts.

3, take a comfortable and can be used for a long time

Good chair, in addition to have the correct curve, the most important thing is to ride comfortable, therefore, must pay attention to the quality of the seat cushion. Office chairs should be high density, excellent elasticity, uniform density of the seat cushion is more scientific.

4, light, fast, accurate height adjustment device

The height of the chair surface must be adjusted very rich and appropriate. The use of pneumatic height adjustment device, not only to replace the traditional mechanical height adjustment device, you can not leave the seat to operate. The user can adjust the seat height timely and easily according to the height, work nature and environment of the user.

5, excellent office chair must meet the dynamic requirements

5-1. Synchronous tilting structure

The new reclining structure, the design concept is based on the physiological structure of the body came from the traditional center of the seat moved from the seat to the front edge of the seat, with special structure, allows the user's feet and feet steady and solid with the ground contact.

5-2. Toggle tilting structure

This structure is to adjust the backrest angle to achieve the requirements of dynamic balance, people can work at rest rely on different angles back to meet the requirements of a variety of work.

6, safe and reliable 5 claw chair legs

5 claw foot area than the 4-jaw 20%, safety has greatly improved. 6 Claw chair foot area can increase the area of 5%, but often tripping the use of the foot, the use is not convenient.

7, safe, flexible and durable wheel chair

Due to the different materials of the floor, in addition to considering the choice of wheel chair steering flexibility, smooth rolling and pressure wear, the more should pay attention to the chair wheel material.

8, firm and durable, do not scratch the clothing

Good chair must stand the test of time, so it must be reasonable design, precise structure, suitable material, well-made.

9, a sound service

Office chairs complex functions, the use of high frequency, so sound after-sales service is very important. Otherwise, not only a waste of money, but also difficult to find compatible with the past, products and accessories.