The living room furniture factory technology makes the key skill.

- Mar 10, 2018-

Sitting room furniture manufacturers information: the spring, as the season that decorate, also is the peak season of furniture of choose and buy, but many people don't know how to choose furniture, also do not know how to choose the office furniture, if you want to buy furniture, then the first more lessons, with "inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry, and pulse-taking and palpation" this a few skill, consumers can increase the odds of choose and buy good products.

First, the main thing is to understand whether the material on the furniture surface is reasonable; To know whether the four-foot visit of furniture can be smooth in the horizontal plane; The combination of furniture is tight; There are no deformation defects, etc.

2. Smell, if the wood has the worm eye, drop the end, explain drying is not thorough. Check the surface, also open cupboard door, drawer door to see inside the material whether have corrupt, can use fingernail to pinch a pinch, pinched in to say inside material rotten. Open cupboard door hind USES nose to smell, if pungent, dazzling, tears, show the formaldehyde content in glue mixture is too high, can be harmful to human body.

Three, q, mainly compare the prices, also don't blindly believe in money at a low price, a penny a points goods, corresponding to different material's price is not the same, ask price at the same time, you certainly don't forget to ask furniture is in accordance with the relevant state environmental regulations, have the relevant certification, etc. If buy is brand furniture, you can ask carefully and sales staff, please justify to smell, to check the quality inspection certificate at the same time, if it does through the national examination, some smell is paint, glue, etc must be attached, open cupboard door for a period of time can be removed after home.

Four, cut, basically is to understand wooden furniture more fine side, moisture content and so on circumstance.