The elderly massage chair should be given priority to local massage

- Jan 12, 2018-

What do the elderly use electric massage chairs to pay attention to?

The electric massage chair can relax the body and relieve the body's fatigue. But if the massage force is not properly controlled, it will not cause the conditioning effect, but it will cause physical damage. The elderly will be more susceptible to other diseases because of their age.

The electric massage chair mainly uses the mechanical rolling force and the squeeze pressure to carry on the massage. Its strength is not easy to control. The massage force is too small to reach the effect of massage. If the force is too large, it will cause muscle pain, severe injury and even physical damage.  The elderly due to the reduction of intervertebral disc moisture, resulting in narrowing of the intervertebral space, so that the ligaments around the spine are in a state of relaxation. Improper use of massages can lead to small joint disorders, lumbar disc herniation and other conditions, and the physical discomfort is more serious. Therefore, if the elderly choose a massage chair, it is better to choose a massager based on local muscles or acupoints, and we should pay attention to that the massage time should be controlled within half an hour.

If the cervical problems, but not to blindly use any medicine or health care equipment treatment, should be the first time for medical treatment, receive professional treatment.