The display skill of sitting room furniture

- Mar 10, 2018-

Sitting room furniture put also need to acquire skills, but many people don't know how to more reasonable of sitting room furniture put, the following is to introduce a few simple sitting room furniture put skills, hopes to be helpful for your future life.

Sitting room furniture put 1: classification.

Do your homework before you officially begin storage: categorize existing items. When you're packing up, think about it: what do you do with it? Is it commonly used? Which position is more attractive and convenient to use?

Sitting room furniture is put in the face of all things, can be broadly classified according to the function: something used for decoration, leisure goods, eating utensils, etc., can also be classified according to the contact frequency. In a word, categorization is the first step, and it is necessary to divide the class into the following steps.

The sitting room furniture is put 2: concise - for better sitting room and thin body.

The next thing to do is to simplify things. Girls know that for the sake of beauty and weight loss, it is not necessary to make things "thin" for the sake of the living room. In fact, "reluctant to part" is the big taboo of receiving. Especially knowing the value of the use of good things, appropriate "the new tired old" is the smart home.

The sitting room furniture placement skill has the choice to include the item to be very important. Don't put things in the living room and put them in your bedroom or other junk store. Some of the things that you didn't use for a long time, almost useless, just get rid of it. This does, on the one hand benefit host more convenient use the sitting room, on the other hand, the new sitting room can show its new house color more.

The sitting room furniture is put 3: position - line up, each of you.

When we have finished the preliminary classification, streamlining and other preparations, we can officially start to store and receive the work. In the arrangement of the receiving position, do not disassemble the things that divide the good class all in one place, and the goods should be located according to the classification.

There are two large storage in the living room: TV cabinet and bookcase. These two big pieces undoubtedly should be able to allow the main character to be qualified. The combination of various internal parts can neatly collect the daily odds and ends and meet the needs of various storage in life, saving the space at the same time as the storage function. The frame color that the sitting room furniture puts the skill is many, can be mixed with any sitting room decorate a style. Diverse ideas, create their own unique beida, easy to present their dream home.

Sitting room furniture is put 4: calculate -- turn blank to be useful, the space is depend on oneself to create.

After roughly arranged what kind of belongings to belong to what kind of storage home, still can find some small pieces of debris still do not have appropriate place to place.

How to do? It's time to shift your gaze to where it's been forgotten. The wall, for example, was a white wall that seemed useless. Really only need to install the racks, and can put sign box, can put the wall space ingeniously use all sorts of sundry, placement and had bland but also because of the wall of the concise fashion, and have administrative levels feeling.

The sitting room furniture is put 5: collocation -- let your guest go toward individuation.

Master the above 4 steps sitting room furniture placement skill, the basic storage and receive the problem has been solved. In the living room of the computer game, comfortable lying on the sofa, reading and making facial mask, the living room has the necessary conditions. But to make the new living room really bear the honey of the wedding, you need to learn how to match it.