How to maintain and maintain the dining chair

- Jan 12, 2018-

Solid wood furniture restaurant, its biggest advantage is like nature itself grain, and change the natural color. Because wood is constantly breathing organism, the recommendations on the appropriate temperature and humidity environment, but also need to pay attention, beverages, chemicals or hot objects placed on the surface, to prevent damage to the surface of the wood's natural color; when the dirt more, Headley restaurant furniture manufacturers recommend using diluted neutral detergent with warm water chair wipe first time, then wipe with clean water, remember with a soft dry cloth to wipe off the residual water stains, to completely wipe, use and maintenance of wax polish, not be accomplished.

Marble table is easy to pollute, clean is to use less water; regularly wipe with a mild wet cloth with a mild detergent, and then use a clean soft cloth to dry and shine.

Toughened glass table

Glass dining room furniture is placed in a relatively fixed place. Do not move back and forth at will. It is necessary to place objects in a stable way. Heavy objects should be placed at the bottom of glass furniture, so as to prevent rollover caused by unstable furniture centers, and wipe with wet towel or newspaper during daily cleaning. Only pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance, in order to make the restaurant furniture.