How to maintain a leather sofa?

- Sep 02, 2018-

First, the sofa should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, it is better not to let the sun shine directly on the sofa, so as not to fade the leather surface; do not let the air conditioner blow directly, so as not to make the leather surface harden; it is not suitable to wipe or wash with water to avoid moisture, mildew and Insects.

Second, sweating in summer, the pores of leather will absorb sweat, high temperature and humidity will make the organic matter in the sweat and the leather chemical reaction, easy to produce odor, should be wiped with a wet dry rag. When cleaning the sofa, you should not use an alkaline cleaning solution, because * is treated with acid during skinning, and alkaline will reduce the softness of the leather and cause wrinkles in long-term use.

3. When cleaning the sofa, wipe it with pure cotton cloth or silk and wipe it gently. After wiping it, use Bili beads or glazing wax to spray it again to keep it clean. If you accidentally draw a ballpoint pen on the leather sofa, remove it with a rubber wipe during the effective time.

4. In fact, general maintenance can be done by simply wiping with a clean soft cloth. If you want to clean up the dirt generated by long-term use, the ideal way is to first use * sofa cleaning paste to wipe, then use the right amount of leather care agent. Wipe evenly.

Fifth, the leather absorbs strong, should pay attention to anti-fouling, it is better to use leather softener in spring and autumn. Do not rub heavily when wiping the sofa, so as not to damage the skin. However, it is worth noting that if the sofa is found to have holes, smashes, and burns, it is better to ask a professional to clean it up.