How to choose modern sitting room furniture?

- Mar 10, 2018-

European style contemporary sitting room furniture, inferior furniture product often appears rigid, especially the details such as classic arc, scroll, the work is very clumsy.

First, see if the material is passed. Pay attention to whether the sealing side has not level, the phenomenon of warping; Look at the gap between the door of the furniture, the gap of the drawer, the bigger the gap is to show that the work is more clumsy, the time is long also will be deformed; See sculpture, Mosaic department is smooth and delicate. The higher the log content, the better the quality of wood.

Second, see if the process is fine.

Third, see if the lines are smooth, natural and elegant.

Europe type furniture is famous the important characteristic of the world is the material is good, only good material can show the sense of feeling and gas flame. European style furniture modelling has many curve or curved surface, this is the department that tests furniture manufacturer to produce level most. Now in the market sector european-style furniture of carve patterns or designs on woodwork is used plastic film, little different from appearance, inner very different, when the choose and buy more attention to detail, pay attention to the sense of worth, hand-carved wooden department especially skill and woodworking connecting parts. Ask for a clear wood texture when you choose, and look carefully at the hinge slot and the eye.