How to choose a comfortable office chair?

- Jun 23, 2018-

The office group should sit in a chair for 8 hours a day. Do you know that improper designs can hurt cervical spondylosis? You need to choose a suitable office chair for cervical health; it should be hard and supportive, and not because of the body. The weight is pressed and tilted. In general, the height of the base from the ground is 40 - 1125px. In order to avoid unnatural deformation of the human lumbar curve when sitting, the intervertebral disc is subjected to excessive pressure, affecting the health of the body, the lumbar cushion of the seat and the like must conform to ergonomic principles, like the T1 chair of the SIDIZ SIDIZ, owning The dynamic lumbar support structure and head restraint, as well as a variety of adjustment functions, take into account the user's body shape and all the support that can be provided by the chair when the user is working.

    With this design focus, an ideal office chair provides support to your body and can eliminate fatigue so that you don't get depressed in your work.


Adjusting the height of the seat back Ideally, the working height should be adjusted so that the thighs are roughly flat with the lower legs perpendicular, while the feet are firmly stepped on the floor or the pedals of the chair. The height adjustment handle needs to be adjusted easily in the normal sitting position.


Adjusting the height of the seat back A good seat can adjust the height of the seat back to match the size of the seat.


Seat and seat back angle adjustment The adjustable seat and back can provide sufficient support for the user's back and ensure correct sitting position, whether working at the computer, general desk work, making phone calls, meetings or even Taking a break can protect the health of the user.


Seat Locking Forward Although you may not be comfortable with a slightly forward leaning posture when you start out, this is the ideal posture for a long period of computer work. A slightly forward seated position ensures that the spine of the seat is upright, reducing Pressure on the lower back to protect the health of the user


Curved back and sitting positions The back and sitting lines should conform to the curves of the human body. A good chair, in addition to having the correct curve, is the most important thing to ride comfortably. Therefore, we must pay attention to the quality of the seat cushion. Office chairs should use high density, excellent elasticity, and the density of the seat cushion is more scientific.


Sliding wheels The sliding wheels can help you to quickly move within the proper range. Due to the different floor materials, when choosing a chair wheel, besides considering flexible steering, smooth rolling and pressure wear, you should pay attention to the material of the chair wheel. Strong and durable, does not scratch the clothing.