How to better clean the massage table

- Jan 12, 2018-

Combined with special disinfectant and decontamination agents, sofa, steam, mites, sterilization, foam cleaning and decontamination, suction and suction machine, sewage and air drying, and finally treated with antifouling sprays, make the appearance of sofa form waterproof film, reaching the waterproof and dust-proof function.

2 water extraction and washing equipment: sofa brush, spray, water absorption machine, sauna, high temperature cleaning machine. Use of material: high foam cleaning agent.

Operation method:

1. Vacuum cleaners

2, dilute the cleaning agent, and can also be written in the water tank

3. Sprinkle cleaners on the sofa

4, 10-15 minutes after the stain out of fiber

5. Use a sauna and a high temperature cleaning machine. At least two times of washing

6, in the clean sofa together, use the suction machine to clean the washed sofa

7, let the sofa dry thoroughly, to speed up the sofa dry, can open the sofa dryer

Two, use clean dry foam equipment, things: sauna machine, high-temperature cleaning machine, vacuum suction machine with a brush and a playing device of the sofa. Use of material: leather sofa curing agent, sofa removing agent. Operation method: 1, vacuum cleaner dust, all 2 parts disposal is to use special cleaner on the sofa for oil, stain alone, dispose of 3 diluted foam cleaning agent, write C box 4, wrapped on the sofa brush brush edge, corner back workers and machines is not pushed to the 5 place, with a single disc playing device, brush machine equipped with a sofa, sofa, 6 dry foam washing effect for a while, and then repeat 7, with a high temperature cleaning machine of sofa of sterilizing and cleaning, let the water disposal 8 pumping up the global sofa completely dry