Functional principle of ergonomic chair

- Jan 12, 2018-

The ergonomic chair mainly adjusts fatigue from the following aspects:

1, head: the head pillow height and rotation can be adjusted to allow the user's cervical spine naturally to fit the head pillow, standard sitting posture, will resist office enjoyment. The height of the head pillow is the best position when it is fully supported by your cervical spine.

2, the seat back: the best supporting position of the waist is third and fourth vertebrae. The whole chair back can be highly adjusted, and it can be easily and simply to meet the needs of different users and reduce most of the body weight of lumbar vertebrae.

3, the waist support: the separation type activity waist, the resilience concentrates on the active waist, gives the user the most close support. Activities by adjusting the waist by bending the back relaxed fit in the back, let the back vertebrae to relax, so as to relieve the fatigue of the vertebral spine.

4, armrest: adjust the height and angle of the handrails, make the hand and the table more smooth to prevent the mouse hand from producing. Angle adjustment, stepless variable locking, arched back design, bow strength and elastic processing, curved streamline processing handrail