Do not buy an unsafe office chair in the industry

- Jan 12, 2018-

There is a safety defect in the office chair. Do not buy it. Do not choose an office chair without safety certification.

December 2009, who lives in Shandong Jiaozhou New Street Village 14 years old boy out as usual, sitting rotating and lifting chair online, but not want to happen, the rotary chair suddenly exploded, the chair upright pressure rod into the Taotao hips, the chest is a small piece of breakdown, caused by respiratory function failure death.

In May 2010, a woman in Fujian was injured on the ground because of the explosion of the air lift chair. The hip was wounded, and the rectum was torn by a hole, and the vagina wore a hole. After checking the shopping documents of the chair, there is no information about the factory name, site, telephone, and so on.

In June 2015, another Xiamen chair was exploded. The computer case was blown up, and the chair burst completely. The 20 centimeter long air bar ran out of the middle of the chair and broke the girl's body. After 5 hours of surgery, the doctor removed more than a dozen pieces of chairs from the injured person's intestines, and the girl was out of danger.

A post titled "what kind of chair do you sit in a revolving chair?" a post on the Internet has caused a huge wave. The netizen said: "we can not stand the comfortable chair, but can not bear the hurt chair!" all of this tragedy is the source of these non brand name or the use of inferior seat pressure without safety certification of national and industry good, did not happen tragedy evidence claims.

So in the purchase of office chair, first of all it is recommended to select some well-known brands is safe, then to see the pressure rod is safe, normal pressure rod in rod body engraved with the brand of Logo and related parameters, no label display can ask the sales pressure rod which is the factory, there is no country by ISO9001 safety and quality certification and SGS safety certification, and asked him to produce the relevant documents. Again, see if there is a 2-4 millimeter thick explosion-proof steel plate under the seat, even if a ten thousand gas rod explosion, there is a layer of safety protection.