Determination standard of moisture content of wood furniture

- Sep 24, 2019-


      This standard provides the requirements, methods and standards for the determination of moisture content of wood furniture.Wood furniture includes solid wood furniture, wood-based board furniture, comprehensive wood furniture.

Terms and definitions
Wood furniture

In main component except adornment piece, fittings is excepted, the furniture that other USES the woodiness material such as lumber, man-made board to make.

The moisture content

It is to point to the weight that contains moisture in lumber and the percentage of lumber weight after absolutely dry, moisture content can use the weight of completely dry lumber to serve as computational benchmark, the numerical value that calculates out is called absolute moisture content, abbreviation is moisture content (W, %).

Calculation formula: W=(gs-ggo)/ Ggo×100%.

W- absolute moisture content of wood;Gs- weight of wet wood;Ggo- absolute dry weight.

Equilibrium moisture content

Lumber is below certain air condition, reach finally is moisture absorption stable moisture content or desorption stable moisture content, call the balance moisture content of lumber.

Moisture content of solid wood

Furniture USES real wood lumber to should classics dry processing, lumber moisture content should be 8.0% to product place area year average lumber balance moisture content +1.0%.

Moisture content of wood-based panel

Wood-based panel categoryMoisture content requirement
Medium density fiberboard4.0% - 13.0%
Particle board4.0% - 13.0%
plywood6.0% - 16.0%
Joinery board6.0% - 14.0%
Impregnated paper coated wood-based board6.0% - 14.0%
Decorative veneer veneer panel6.0% - 14.0%