Common troubleshooting method of massage chair

- Jan 12, 2018-

1. back massage wheel without walking massage chair used for a period of time, some low-end products will appear this kind of problem is usually due to the motor power is responsible for lifting belt are seeping oil immersion, slipping phenomenon, off with detergent, wipe dry. It is best to ask for a machine cover to see if the inside of the box is aluminum alloy before buying, and the best of the plastic box is not to buy.

2. boot crash: massage chair back guide rail of the upper and lower ends of a limiter, is to ensure that the massage wheel run within a certain range, there is a pressure switch type limiter, long running, low switch spring massage chair will not deformation, timely delivery of the stop signal, causing massage wheel Chongding formation crash, will make a serious electrical burn. A temporary force to rotate the lifting screw is to move the massage machine to the middle part, to correct the deformed reed, and to consider providing the new stroke control switch with the manufacturer's request. Some are light and sensitive switch, after long run into the dust, try to clean it in front of it can be eliminated.

3. the back of the back of the massage chair is large: This is the important criterion to judge the grade of the new massage chair. The general advanced massage chair adopts the imported bearing, and this kind of situation will not appear. For the old machine used for a long time, generally because of the wear of the motor bearing, the purchase of imported bearings can eliminate the noise for a long time. In addition, the carbon brush in the low gear motor is very easy to wear. At this time, do not trust the advice of the maintenance personnel to replace the motor, and the replacement of the carbon brush can also be maintained for a long time.

4, the leg air bag does not work or half is half not: is the gas pipeline is pressed or falling off, influence the air flow, find the dredging can.