Common sense of office chair maintenance

- Jan 12, 2018-

1. face office chair

The most often used in the chair and sofa cloth, its comfortable touch and rich color, so that the expression of the traditional furniture more diverse. A common method: when it is stained with dirt or sand and other dry dirt, it can be cleaned as long as it is pat or vacuumed. As for the granular sand, it can be brushed smoothly inside the brush, but no hard brush can be used to avoid damaging the cloth. If you touch the beverage, juice, etc., you can first use the hand towel to suck the moisture, then wipe it with warm water and neutrality detergent, and then wipe it up with a clean soft cloth and dry at low temperature.

2. - leather office chair

Leather has good heat resistance, moisture resistance and ventilation characteristics, and the natural fiber of dermis has no directivity. Both flat and vertical hang can exhibit uniform elasticity, and the dyeing of leather is not easy to fade, and has elegant color, excellent touch and bright appearance. But how do you maintain the attractive appearance of the leather products? General maintenance as long as the use of clean soft cloth gently wipe, if long-term caused by dirt, the ideal way to clean up is a neutral cleaning agent, use warm water diluted (1 ~ 3%) to wipe with dry cloth to wipe clean liquid water, and finally to a dry cloth to shine, to be dry after then use the appropriate leather care agent evenly wipe.

3. major office chairs maintenance instructions

Please keep the ventilation in the room so as not to be too dry or wet.

2. Strong absorbability of leather, please pay attention to antifouling.

3. Clean dry with clean towel once a week and dry with dry wool towel after swab.

If the stains on the leather, foam with special cleaning agent can wipe, do not use strong leather cleaning clean;

If the drink is overturned on the chair, it should be dried with a clean cloth or sponge immediately, and wiped with a wet cloth to dry it naturally, and do not dry with a blower.

If the stains on the steel frame of the chair, in order to maintain its luster, use a clean dry cloth wipe. In case of stubborn stains, you can spray a small amount of green beads on its surface, and then wipes it with flannelette.