The Imperial Concubine Chair Red

Regal red of the imperial concubine chair.high quality fabric and wooden legs.Best Price & Good Quality for all kinds of sofa.Well equipped facilities and excellence quality control through out.OEM/ODM order welcome.

Product Details

Product Details:


Brand: Acrofine

General use: Living room sets

MQQ: One 40HQ

Product Number: ARL-4638 (AAC31027M1A)
Function: Leisure Chair
Material: Fabric
Product Size: W74*D79*H115cm
Seat Size: 53*50*42cm
legs height: 15cm/5.5cm above,3cm below 
pcs/carton: 1pc/carton
Carton size: 75*65*110cm/L type carton
G.W.:/N.W.: 19.6kg/15.5kg
QTY/40'HQ: 192pcs



1.Q: Are you a factory or trading company? 
   A:We are a factory, specialized in living room sofas/accent chairs/recliners

2. Q: Can you accept customized orders? OEM or ODM orders?
   A: Yes, we can. Customized orders are always welcomed, as well as OEM and ODM.
3. Q:Can you make customers' logo on products and customer design? 
   A:Yes, Fabric tag of customer logo can be sewed on each chair/sofa , and customer's design are welcome .

Our advantages


Best Price & Good Quality for all kinds of sofa.

• Well equipped facilities and excellence quality control through out.

• OEM/ODM order welcome.

Product Knowledge:

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Dermal structure

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